Human Resource (HR) Advisory Services

Delivering Proven Solutions to HR Challenges

Ahria’s HR Advisory services provide organizations with the objectivity and expertise necessary to ensure compliance and implement best practices in human resources.

We understand that organizations have unique needs and one solution does not fit all. This is why we provide you with a custom approach that’s responsive to your human resource challenges to increase organizational productivity and mitigate risk. For some organizations, this requires a strategic lens. For others, it is more tactical in nature.

Regardless of your needs, we help you make effective human resource management an integral part of your organization. You can count on our experts to guide you through the right process to ensure your organization’s longevity and success.

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Tailored HR Advisory Services

Organizations turn to Ahria to augment their Human Resources (HR) function with the needed expertise and support to complete a project or initiative.

Our consultants have business skills from a variety of industries. With compliance expertise and HR business partner experience, we determine your needs and offer tailored advice that best fits within your budgetary framework.

We can work with you on a short-term project basis or provide longer-term HR solutions.

HR On-call

Sometimes just a little help and solid advice are all you need. Our HR On-call service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses as a cost-effective way for you to access our extensive human resource experience.

You have the comfort to set up your terms as a pay-as-you-go approach or through a longer-term retainer. We tailor our services to your needs and adjust as necessary.

Ahria consultants work with you to provide guidance and answers to your HR-related questions. From customizing an employee handbook to limiting your exposure to legislative non-compliance, you can rest easy knowing HR professionals are only a phone call away and ready to help.

HR On-site

Our dedicated consultants are available to work directly with you and your employees on-site. Our human resources review and needs assessment identify elements you need and ensures we develop HR solutions relevant to your business.

We can integrate and manage all facets of human resources into your business. We’re available to provide expert support and guidance for you, your leadership team, and your employees.

Strategic HR Solutions

Achieving success through people involves strategic HR practices that can make a significant impact on your company’s performance.

Our HR consultants work with C-level executives on strategic initiatives, and with leaders, associates, and teams on all issues that need a human resources perspective. We provide the full spectrum of human resources solutions and will customize them to meet your company’s HR and organizational objectives.

Ahria’s team is ready to help you manage your talent and build “employer of choice” working environments. Our responsive and tailored approach to your business needs ensures that we inspire change in key areas of your organization including core values, diversity, work-life balance, job and work design, knowledge management, high-performance management, and reward management.

A partnership with Ahria Consulting means reaching your business objectives.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

The employment law landscape is an ever-shifting minefield and the consequences of non-compliance are costly on many levels. Ahria conducts a thorough review of employment practices, policies, and procedures to help your organization achieve and maintain compliance.

Third-Party Investigations

At times, employers are faced with an internal complaint or accusation that conflicts with human resources legislation and best practices. These situations require an investigation to gather facts, interview parties, review documents, sort out details and then summarize the findings to assist the employer.

Contracting Ahria Consulting as an independent third party to conduct the investigation shows staff that their employer is concerned with providing fair and objective treatment. Our HR consultants have the skills and experience to conduct any investigation you may need.

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No matter what level of service you think you need, we can help with numerous HR services including:

Human Resource Strategy

Organization & Departmental Reviews

Human Resources Policy and Process Audits

Legislative Compliance

Workplace Investigations

Human Resource Assessment

Policy Development

Employee Handbook Development

Employee Agreements

Compliance Management

Compensation Planning

Incentive and Bonus Design

Flexible Work Arrangements

Employee Benefits

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