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Terry Talks

September 11 – Pay it Forward

Inspired by the musical Come From Away today the Ahria team members are recognizing September 11th by going out into the community and paying it forward!

Lazy Girl Job

Is tictok's 'Lazy Girl Job' trend actually lazy? While there have been misinterpretations, the concept of a "lazy girl job," introduced by influencer Gabrielle Judge, suggests a pursuit of balance while underscoring employers' responsibility to prioritize employee well-being. Learn more about this hot trend on this week's Terry Talk

Four Day Workweek

Global trials of the four-day workweek have bosses and workers doing the victory dance! But wait, don't rush to jump on the bandwagon just yet. Implementing takes brainstorming, innovation and proper strategy. Tune into this week's Terry Talk for more!


Embracing workplace napping? Adopting the practice of workplace napping has emerged as a game-changer for some companies, defying the traditional stigma associated with dozing off during work hours. Learn more about how your organization can reap the benefits of catching some zzz's while at work in this week's Terry Talk

Time Theft

It's Monday! This means we have another new Terry Talk for you! This week we're diving deep into the world of time theft! Uncover the tricks and shenanigans some employees use to waste precious company time for personal gain. Tune in and see if you or someone you know might be guilty of this act!

Mental Health in the Workplace

This week Terry Talks about a tool that should be used in promoting mental health in the workplace: Outplacement Services This spans beyond offering resume workshops and interview drills. Top-notch outplacement services recognize the importance of the employee's mental well-being during a termination.